af_1A group of researchers of agroforestry at Brawijaya University has its roots in the 1980s, beginning with the study on “Biological Management of Nitrogen “, using agroforestry as alternative technique to slow down the degradation of soil fertility in transmigration areas in Lampung. Further research evolved into various aspects of environmental problem at landscape scale (watershed functions, belowground (agro) biodiversity, C-stocks) in line with the issues of climate variability and climate change.

Results of that long-term researchhave beenwidely used in the education systemat Brawijaya University (UB), andhave beendisseminatedthrough trainingfor various stakeholdersas well asthroughscientific seminarsboth nationallyand internationally. InJuly 2015, the Rector of UB approved that the Research Group Agroforestry became the “Study Center of Tropical Agroforestry”, supported through Program GrantCompetition (PHK)-RG Theme C.

Our vision: agroforestry research that provides qualified data and information as basis to improve land management strategy at national and international level, especially in tropical areas.

Our mission: to maintain continuous cooperation with various partners, both at national and international levels in order to develop integrated research and provide services to the agroforestry community.

Purpose: through conducting various research activities and community services, to implement concepts and practices of agroforestry systems in the strategy of soil and land management to obtain healthy soils to support food self-sufficiency and low emissions development.