How to join

If you would like to join the Tropical Agroforestry Research Group member, please complete the form below. Your application will be scrutinized by a small group to ensure that your interests accord with those of the research group, and you will be informed of the result normally within one week. On acceptance, your name and details will be added to our electronic database; this database will not be shared with any other organization but is the basis for the email newsletter.

This website and email address will be the major means of communication with our membership.
Membership is free of charge and by contacting us you can let us know of changes in your details or get deregistered anytime.

Apply to join the Tropical Agroforestry Research Group by completing this form.

Notes regarding the Membership application form:

Application form section Note
Postal address Please include your institution and country of residence
Brief description Please give us a short insight of your research work or general interest in roots
Contact “recieve e-bulletin” will enable you to get our monthly newsletter by email
  “recieve postal correspondance” is rare, please do not expect mail
Sharing details “on the ISRR website” means that your name and country of residence will appear on the members tab