Agroforestry Capacity Building Activities

Since 1984 current members of the Study Center of Tropical Agroforestry have been involved in various research activities and training in Indonesia, related to: Management of agroforestry, Evaluation the role of agroforestry in maintaining environmental services (hydrology, biodiversity and carbon stocks), and various other efforts to increase the benefits of agroforestry. To do so the agroforestry team has been working closely with the World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF) in Indonesia, as well as partners in other ASEAN and European countries, including research institutes of the Ministry of Forestry and Ministry of Agriculture.

Activites in 2016:

  1. International Seminar IAC Malaysia
  2. International Seminar ICTA UGM
  3. International Seminar ISA Ambon
  4. International Seminar SFDCC Malaysia
  5. National Symposium and Training “Ecosystem Services in Agroforestry: Concept, Theory and Practice” in India